Office Compliance Checklist Logs

Office Compliance Checklist Logs

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Are you looking for your silver bullet? There is no such thing, but this is pretty close!


This proprietary system of checklists is the same system we implement with our consulting clients. The system incorporates a series of annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly checklists.


This is a two-book set that divides tasks into front office and back office compliance activities.


Checklists include/address: OSHA, Infection Control, HIPAA, Medicaid, Radiation Safety, Controlled Substances/DEA, and Sedation Safety


Following this system will bring a dental practice into compliance and help the dentist and staff sustain their efforts long-term. The power of this system for ensuring patient, dentist and employee safety while reducing liability risks is incredible.


NOTE: These records should be maintained for 6 years (or longer depending on your state’s regulations).


This system pairs well with our OSHA, HIPAA and Radiology manuals, controlled substance logs too!

**Due to the holiday season, orders placed for 2020 Office Checklists will not be processed until January 13, 2020.