The Ultimate Compliance System: OSHA/Infection Control Package

The Ultimate Compliance System: OSHA/Infection Control Package

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Everyone knows about their basic OSHA responsibilities. But achieving -- AND MAINTAINING -- compliance extends deeply into EVERY aspect of your practice and goes well beyond surface safety issues! Are you SURE your office has ALL the bases covered?

Under the OSHA "General Duty Clause" this governmental agency has far-reaching authority to cite your Dental Office for scores of non-compliance issues. Sure, you know your basic OSHA responsibilities as a conscientious Dental practioner, but are you knowledgeable about all the intricacies involved in achieving -- AND MAINTAINING -- compliance? These regulations extend deeply into EVERY apsect of your practice, including:

With The Ultimate Compliance System OSHA/Infection Control Package, we guide you through a simple step-by-step process designed specifically BY and FOR Dentists to ensure your practice will FULLY meet all OSHA training and compliance standards -- and save you thousands of dollars in possible fines!

You've invested your money and your expertise, along with your blood, sweat and tears into building your Dental practice and reputation. Are you willing to risk it ALL when a personalized OSHA Compliance System can be yours for an investment less than the price of a routine Dental checkup? We preach prevention to our patients...isn't it time to start practicing what we preach in your practice!

The Ultimate Compliance System OSHA/Infection Control Package has everything you'll need to comply with with every aspect of both state and federal OSHA regulations!

The Manuals contains: written plans, policies and procedures for:
Office Staff Protection of PHI
Risk Assessment Tools
Compliance Checklists
Staff Training Guidelines
along with other documentation tools in digital & hard copy formats.

Each Manual is specifically customized for YOUR practice. Following your purchase, you will be asked to fill out a form answering some questions about your practice enabling us to then customize your Manual. No more buying a manual that never gets filled out taking up room on your shelf!

Each purchase comes with online OSHA training with a FREE Infection Control Training Module and 12-month access to our exclusive Dental Compliance Hub.

Add to this a personalized Safety Data Sheet Manual to organize all your office chemical documentation in one, easy-to-reference manual to ensure a seamless compliance OSHA system for your practice.

And, as everyone knows...Infection Control is the backbone of compliance within your office. We're including our Sterilizer Monitoring Log to keep you on top of all required checklists and recommended processes to protect YOU and your patients.